Bill Maher, Chelsea Handler slam Donald Trump’s kids


Bill Maher likens Donald Trump’s adult children to Nazis and Saddam Hussein’s family, while Chelsea Handler describes Eric Trump as “unf*ckable.”

Bill Maher made the media rounds this week to promote his upcoming live convention specials covering the RNC and DNC, including an appearance on Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix show Chelsea on Thursday. The comedians took turns dissecting the relationship between Donald Trump and his kids, who Maher maintains are the ones running his campaign behind the scenes, describing their involvement as “very third world.”

The HBO host began by admitting that he has never seen an election like this before, and expressed surprise that there’s now a politician that provides more comedy material than George W. Bush. “This whiny little bitch takes the cake,” Maher said of Trump.

“What do you think about his children?” Handler asked. “They’re part of everything.” She also questioned whether it’s appropriate that they had a hand in selecting Trump’s VP, Mike Pence.

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Maher replied that he doesn’t like it because it seems “very third world” and “banana republic,” likening it to the relationship the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein — who Trump seemingly praised last week — had with his two sons, Uday and Qusay.

The pair then went on a rant against Eric Trump, who Maher referred to as “Douchebag Von F*ckface,” and Handler described as “the worst looking person ever” with an “unf*ckable” face. Maher passed on taking shots at his looks, but called him a horrible person for hunting African wildlife.

They then wondered whether Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who he has talked about in incredibly creepy ways in the past, is as perfect as she seems on TV. Handler defended her by stating that she “has her sh*t together the most out of the family,” but Maher reminded her she also happens to like her father.

“There’s gotta be a line you draw, even in family,” he concluded.

Watch the clip below:

Maher continued to target the Trump kids during Friday’s edition of Real Time, mocking the lack of star power among the speakers at the RNC by joking that the convention seems more like a “celebration of Trump’s ejaculate,” since all of this adult children are slated to give speeches.

“I kid the Trump children,” Maher added. “Don’t you love them? Perfect Ivanka, and little Tiffany, and Eric, and Don, Jr. They’re like the Von Trapp family—you know, from The Sound of Music—if instead of running away from the Nazis they joined them.”

Maher brought them up again during a panel discussion with S.E. Cupp, Elliot Spitzer and Jelani Cobb where he called it scary, a red flag and Dick Cheney-like that they were actually running the show, before reiterating his comparisons of their relationship to a third world country, a banana republic and Hussein’s sons, and called one of them an a**hole because he shoots lions in Africa.

“We’re electing them, let’s not kid ourselves. We’re electing the Trump kids,” he said in response to Cupp’s defense of the family.

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Maher will produce a total of four live, 30-minute specials in the next two weeks — two for each convention — in addition to his regular Friday show. The guests lined up for Wednesday’s episode, airing at 11 p.m., include Michael Moore, Joy Reid and Dan Savage. On Thursday, Maher will welcome Gavin Newsom, Heather McGhee, and Robert Reich. Meanwhile, new episodes of Chelsea are available to stream every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Netflix.

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