Real Time’s Bill Maher slams Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch meeting


Real Time host Bill Maher wonders why Loretta Lynch didn’t tell Bill Clinton to “get off my plane.”

Bill Maher addressed the scandal revolving around the recent 30-minute meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch aboard a private plane on Friday’s Real Time. The comedian argued that the former president “screwed Hillary” because now they’ll be even more attention drawn to the attorney general’s decision regarding the federal investigation and possible indictment of Hillary Clinton over her personal email server than ever before.

Maher first mocked the encounter in his opening monologue, joking that the former secretary of state “had some trouble at the airport with her baggage, and when I say her baggage, I mean her husband,” adding that Bill Clinton was at the airport “because that’s near where all the strip clubs are.”

The host admitted that he was skeptical of the claim that the chat, which took place Monday night in Arizona, was personal in nature, with Maher imagining what the conversation might have sounded like: “No, Attorney General Lynch, you do what you want. I’m just here to talk about the grandkids, who will all be dead if Hillary doesn’t win, but do whatever you want.”

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Maher brought up the topic again during the panel portion of the show, pushing back on MSNBC contributor Ari Melber’s claim that it wasn’t a “real scandal” and that all the attention “doesn’t make any sense,” calling his argument “real MSNBC boilerplate.” He also called out Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee, who defended Lynch’s integrity, for trying to link the situation to the high-cost of the Benghazi Select Committee’s investigation.

He ended by arguing that Lynch should have channeled Harrison Ford’s President Marshall in Air Force One:

"“How about saying, ‘I’m the attorney general, I’m looking into your wife, I’m about to indict her or not. Get off my plane.’ Like Harrison Ford … And to spend 30 minutes? That’s a long time to be talking about your grandchildren. And now, by the way, he screwed Hillary because — he probably never did that — because now, when it comes to her desk, she’s under a microscope like she never would have been before.”"

Watch the clip below (via Mediaite):

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After the story broke, Lynch publicly admitted that she regretted the meeting and the shadow its casts over the investigation, but maintained that she would adhere to the recommendations of the FBI, who have since met with Hillary Clinton on Saturday morning for a voluntary interview. That hasn’t stopped Republicans from calling on Lynch to recuse herself from the case, while Donald Trump has used the scandal to his advantage by labeling it as yet another example of how “special interests are controlling your government.”

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