Watch Dana Carvey imitate Trump, Bernie Sanders on Conan


Dana Carvey channels presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders during an episode of Conan.

Dana Carvey is a master impressionist, which he demonstrated during his days on SNL, where he imitated such political figures as George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot. While promoting his new show First Impressions during a visit to Conan, the comedian gave his take on the leading personalities in this year’s presidential race, including Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, as well former President Bill Clinton.

Carvey’s impression of Trump involved lots of hand motions, and repeating the word “okay,” as well as the phrase “excuse me” over and over again. When asked by Conan how he could evolve his impression of the Republican billionaire, Carvey imagined what he would sound like after he led the country into a nuclear war.

“I figure if he starts World War III, we’ll be in our bunkers and he’ll still be selling us on closed-circuit TV,” he explained, before delving into his impression of Trump: “You know, we got a fabulous nuclear war. Tremendous nuclear war. Your bunkers are terrific. The Chinese bunkers are a disaster.”

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Carvey went on to admit that his impressions tend to evolve into something crazier over time, such as his impersonation of Bush, which he compared to Conan’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, which he described as eventually going “into outer space.”

He went on to liken Trump to a Batman villain because he has a helicopter and airplane with his last name on it, and a “giant orange head,” coming up with the alter ego, Trump Card.

Carvey eventually moved on from Trump to take a stab at Sanders. “What I discovered is he talks in three or four word increments,” he said. It also involves a lot of finger pointing. He went on to deliver the following lines while mimicking Sanders voice:

"“What I’m prepared to do… I will find somebody with lots of money. I will take their money, and give it to the guy who doesn’t have money.”"

Conan went on to mock the Vermont senator’s posture by raising his suit jacket over his head, while wildly moving his arms around. Lastly, the host asked Carvey for his take on Hillary Clinton, which mainly focused on her husband, Bill.

Carvey replied, “Hillary to me is the little engine that could, never gets tired. But I feel that Bill is back there all the time, ’cause Bill was the master. So she’s got the earpiece, and he’s going, ‘Big Dog to Lil’ Hill. Come in baby. Slow down, baby. They can’t all be applause lines, baby.'”

Watch the entire clip below:

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As Carvey mentioned in the interview, Larry David has delved back into the spotlight with his imitation of Sanders on SNL, while Trump continues to be portrayed by the show’s long-time cast member-turned-announcer, Darrell Hammond, who’s also consistently played Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has most notably been spoofed by Amy Poehler, and more recently, Kate McKinnon. The presumptive Democratic nominee has appeared on SNL alongside both women.

Tune into Conan Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. on TBS, while Carvey’s First Impressions airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on USA.