Natasha Leggero reveals perks of being Jewish on Conan


Natasha Leggero tells Conan O’Brien why she’s thrilled she recently converted to Judaism.

Natasha Leggero recently converted to Judaism after marrying fellow comedian Moshe Kasher in October of last year, which she discussed in a recent interview on Conan. Although the Another Period actress didn’t seem all that knowledgeable about her new religion, she did manage to outline a few unconventional perks of being Jewish.

Leggero, who was raised Catholic, confessed that she wasn’t sad to leave the Roman Catholic Church due to her childhood memories of being tortured by mean nuns in school, while the priests “were being so nice to the boys.”

“It’s very hard for a young woman to get any attention in a Catholic environment,” she told host Conan O’Brien, who also grew up Catholic, but didn’t have any issues with the nuns.

Conan then mocked her less than enthusiastic reaction to being asked about her conversion to Judaism, which led Leggero to point out that she took 19 four-hour courses to convert to the religion, attending classes that were filled with either “actual genuine seekers who wanted to learn something” or “young, beautiful women being forced to convert by their old fiancees with turkey necks.”

Leggero joked that she fell in the latter category, before showing a photo of “her fiancee,” Donald Trump. “I can see why you were reluctant to get married,” said Conan.

Leggero then detailed some of the benefits of Judaism, including a weekly Shabbat, which she described as a party every Friday. “These courses did not stick with you,” Conan replied. “I think you just listened to one podcast and you were like, ‘I’m Jewish now!'”

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But Leggero continued undeterred, adding that you’re also “part of this beautiful religion seeped in culture,” plus “abortions are cool.” Conan quickly shot back, “I don’t think they go around saying, ‘Abortions are cool’… Not like the Fonz.”

“You could get an abortion on every Jewish holiday and it’d be okay,” Leggero assured him, adding that although she wasn’t planning on getting one herself, it was nice to know you had the option, comparing it to AAA roadside assistance.

“I was just given the signal; the Jews don’t want you anymore,” joked Conan to cheers from the audience.

Leggero went on to argue that it was a nice change of pace from the Catholics, who don’t believe a woman who’s raped should be allowed to get an abortion. “This is my comedy act,” she laughed, sensing the seriousness of the conversation.

She ended by recounting her visit to the Vatican where she confessed to a “Roman” priest that she was leaving the Church. However, he was unfazed by the revelation, and simply made her pledge that she would go to mass at least once a year.

“I don’t know what religion you’re going to be in a year, but it will not be either Jewish or Catholic,” Conan concluded.

Watch the full clip below:

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Leggero – who co-stars in Showtime’s Dice –  and her husband are currently on the road performing live shows around the country for what they’ve dubbed, “The Honeymoon Tour.” Meanwhile, her sitcom Another Period, on which Kasher has starred in and is also a producer, returns for a second season on June 15th on Comedy Central.

Conan airs Mondays to Thursdays at 11 p.m. on TBS.