Watch Stephen Colbert's live reaction to Biden's State of the Union address

President Biden Delivers State Of The Union Address
President Biden Delivers State Of The Union Address / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert went live following President Joe Biden's 2024 State of the Union address. The late-night TV host had a lot to say about the president's "fiery" speech.

Colbert delivering a live show following the State of the Union address has become a Late Show tradition. In a late-night TV world where every host covers politics relentlessly, Colbert and his coverage stands out.

That was certainly the case on Thursday night as Colbert went on the air late following the conclusion of Biden's speech. The comedian started off his monologue by questioning the theory that Biden had to dispel "old man vibes" in his speech in front of an elderly Congress.

Colbert set the scene, pointing out the tension in the air. He joked that depending on what happens in November, this may be the last State of the Union address we get. "Next year might just be a Kid Rock concert and an immigrant catapult."

The Late Show monologue continued, noting that disgraced former congressman George Santos was in the audience. Colbert also noted that Justice Clarence Thomas did not attend with his fellow Supreme Court justices. "It's nice to know he's willing to recuse himself from something," Colbert joked.

Colbert didn't have much to say about Biden's comments on topics like NATO, the American economy, or prescription drugs. Instead, the comedian went big in response to Biden calling out "shrinkflation" and how we're getting fewer chips in every bag.

The Late Show host pulled out a pitchfork and invoked an angry mob, delivering an impassioned monologue about the sanctity of Doritos.

No late-night TV monologue about Joe Biden would be complete without some age jokes. Colbert teased that Biden was there in 1941 when FDR addressed Congress. And the monologue ended with the Late Show host comparing BIden's intensity to Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

The monologue made no mention of Biden's references to Donald Trump, which was a bit surprising considering how often Colbert mentions the former president. While The Late Show can get some slack for the live show, the 2024 version didn't have much bite to it.

Colbert is off on Friday night, so any lingering thoughts he has about the State of the Union address will have to wait for next week. Hopefully, he'll have time to come up with a little more insightful commentary and comedy.