Bill Maher: Joe Biden should embrace his age and 'too old to be president' criticism

President Biden
President Biden / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Late-night TV host Bill Maher offered some campaign strategy advice to President Joe Biden last night on Real Time with Bill Maher. The comedian says it's time for Biden to embrace his age rather than try to convince everyone it's not an issue.

Biden, 81, has been questioned regarding his stamina and mental fitness as he looks to secure another four years in the White House. His Republican opponent Donald Trump isn't much younger, but doesn't seem to face the same level of criticism (at least regarding his age).

The president has repeatedly assured the public and press that he's fine. He addressed the issue head-on during his Late Night with Seth Meyers appearance, spinning the question into a criticism of Trump's "old" ideas and policies.

But according to Maher, that isn't the way to go. The Real Time host used his "New Rule" segment to argue Biden shouldn't try to convince everyone that he's still as sharp as ever.

"Just admit it," Maher said. "Say 'yes, I'm bad with names and I walk like a toddler with a full diaper." Doing so would address a larger problem Maher sees with the Democratic Party: letting the opposition intimidate democrats into defending who they are.

Maher continued to implore Biden to own his age. He cited John McCain's presidential campaign in which the senator admitted he was "older than dirt" but had learned a few things along the way. The comedian went on, claiming Biden's public bike rides and TikTok account aren't authentic. Instead, Maher wants Biden to focus on the large population of senior citizens who actually vote.

Maher closed out the segment with a rare Real Time sketch. Standing behind a walker, Maher gave his version of what President Biden's 2024 State of the Union address should look like. It was more of the same from the comedian, mixing in old jokes and playing up Biden's flubs.

Bill Maher continues to play both sides of the Biden age issue

This isn't the first time Bill Maher has dedicated a hefty portion of his show to President Joe Biden's age. That's why it was a little odd to hear the segment start with Maher sounding exhausted by all the press coverage of the 81-year-old president.

In April 2021, Maher claimed that Biden's age was a huge advantage. Just 100 days into Biden's term, Maher praised the president's performance and credited Biden's decades of experience.

The segment also gave Maher a chance to rail against ageism in America. He argued that the elderly should be revered and used as more of a resource by younger generations like millennials.

But by September 2023, Maher changed his tune on Biden. Yes, the president got older. But apparently, there was enough change that Maher argued running again would turn the country over to Donald Trump.

Maher pointed to Biden forgetting names and other faux pas as proof that a long campaign would be too taxing. Now, the Real Time host says Biden should lean into those mistakes.

Maher contended that things should be taken on a case-by-case basis when it comes to age and whether it prohibits someone from doing their job. It's just hard to see how much Biden's case has changed over the past six months for Maher to pivot his argument.