Trump guilty verdict comes at a bad time for Jimmy Kimmel

Kevin Winter/GettyImages

On Thursday evening, a jury of his peers found Donald Trump guilty on all 34 charges he faced. Unfortunately, it comes at a bad time for Jimmy Kimmel.

Former President Donald Trump is now a convicted felon after a jury found him guilty of falsifying business records related to hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels. The guilty verdict came after a long, and at times circus-like, trial.

Along the way, Jimmy Kimmel has been keeping tabs on every development. That includes getting name-dropped a couple of times in the historic trial.

But Kimmel won't get to share his thoughts on Trump's guilty verdict on Thursday night. That's because Jimmy Kimmel Live! remains on hiatus since the Memorial Day holiday.

So there won't be a Kimmel monologue tonight recapping Trump's disastrous day in court, the ex-president's speech following the verdict, or the reaction from Trump supporters and Fox News.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is expected to be back on Monday, June 3. It's a safe bet to say that Kimmel will lead the show with his response to Trump being found guilty. The extra long break just means he and the writers have that much more time to perfect their response.

Kimmel is in the same boat as the rest of late-night TV. Every show went on vacation this week, so don't expect to hear any reactions on Thursday night.

Jimmy Kimmel did react to Trump's verdict on Instagram

He may not be live on TV tonight, but Jimmy Kimmel still managed to troll Donald Trump. The comedian took to Instagram to tease the president-turned-felon.

Kimmel posted an image of Shaquille O'Neal dunking while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. The late-night TV host captioned the post "34!" in reference to both O'Neal's jersey number and the number of guilty verdicts for Donald Trump.

Trump's guilty verdict is just more good news for Kimmel. The comedian recently shared a positive health update about his son. Now, Kimmel has one more thing to celebrate this week.