Stephen Colbert: New polls show 2024 election is detached from reality


Few people expected a normal 2024 presidential election after it became clear it'd be a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. But a new set of polls proves just how detached from reality the election has come, according to Stephen Colbert.

By now, Stephen Colbert should be used to being stunned, shocked, and surprised by Donald Trump's political career. Yet the Late Show host remains incredulous that Trump is simultaneously making court appearances and campaign stops.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden remains the Democratic Party's best option to prevent four more years of Donald Trump. Colbert doesn't hammer Biden in his monologues, but there's enough evidence to suggest Colbert would rather someone who instills a little more confidence.

But the choice is obvious to Colbert. However, a recent poll pitting Trump against Biden in some unusual categories once again left Colbert confounded. The comedian suggested it's more proof that the 2024 election is "detached from reality."

The poll in question comes from Echelon Insights. It found that more Americans think Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden ... in a hot dog eating contest. Colbert joked that it would be welcomed good news for Trump as he stands trial.

Colbert reported the poll also found Trump would have a better poker face and fare better in a fight against a medium-sized dog. On the other side, Biden was favored in "teaching a beginners cooking class," housesitting for a long weekend, and changing a baby's diaper.

"Kind of tells you everything you need to know about this election," Colbert said. "'Well, I trust Biden with all the tasks that require care and empathy, but I'm going to go with the guy who could bodyslam a poodle through a picnic table.'"

There are plenty of people who would rather see Trump and Biden in a hot dog eating contest or change a baby's diaper than be president. But that doesn't change the reality of the election, no matter how detached it seems to Stephen Colbert.