Stephen Colbert applauds Michael Cohen taunting Donald Trump

Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert continued its coverage of Donald Trump's trial on Thursday night. The latest developments have Stephen Colbert as the one amused by someone taunting Donald Trump.

Typically, Colbert and his fellow late-night TV hosts are the best at mocking Donald Trump. There are countless examples of the comedians getting under the former president's skin.

But now we can add Michael Cohen to that list of entertainers. Trump's former righthand man is expected to testify in the hush money trial. Lawyers for the ex-president want Cohen under the same gag order as their client, claiming that Cohen is taunting Trump on social media.

This all comes to the delight of Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host sounded especially tickled by Cohen's nickname for Trump: Von S**tzInPantz. "I really didn't think I'd enjoy that as much as I did," Colbert admitted after announcing the nickname.

Cohen has a long way to go to match the list of late-night TV nicknames for Donald Trump. But clearly, he's off to a good start if it gets Stephen Colbert's stamp of approval.

Colbert's monologue continued, covering another Cohen social media post directed at Donald Trump. The ex-president's legal team challenged Cohen's post depicting Trump in an orange jumpsuit.

The comedian enjoyed Cohen's post because it allegedly hits close to home for Trump. The Republican candidate is reportedly "horrified" at the idea of wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Colbert has been imagining Trump in an orange jumpsuit for years, so he's no doubt thrilled to hear it's on Trump's mind. And it's even better that Michael Cohen seems to know it too and taunts Trump about it.

The longer the trial continues, the more likely it is Trump gets humiliated, annoyed, or angry again. It sounds like that's exactly what Colbert wants as The Late Show remains dedicated to covering every day of the trial.