Here’s every nickname Jimmy Kimmel gave Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel really likes puns. Jimmy Kimmel really doesn’t like former President Donald Trump. Those two passions often came together on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as the late night host dubbed the 45th president with over 40 different unflattering nicknames.

A love of nicknames may be the only thing Kimmel and President Trump have in common. Throughout his campaign and four years in office, President Trump handed out nicknames to his rivals and critics. Who can forget Crooked Hillary, Crazy Bernie, and Liddle’ Adam Schiff?

Much was made about how President Trump wanted a big sendoff on his final day in office. The outgoing president broke with tradition, skipping President Joe Biden’s inauguration in favor of a mini-rally before boarding Air Force One for Florida. Turnout wasn’t stellar so Jimmy Kimmel put together his own patriotic tribute last week.

But Kimmel didn’t stop there. The late night comedian put together what he called a “41 pun salute,” recapping every nickname he gave President Trump over the years. Helping him was singer Rufus Wainwright. Check out the video below:

Ranking Jimmy Kimmel’s five best nicknames for Donald Trump

Frequent viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live! probably recognized a few of these nicknames. Kimmel often used them as the first joke out of the gate during countless monologues dedicated to President Trump’s tweets, gaffes, and controversies.

There are a lot of good ones here, made even better by Rufus Wainwright’s delivery. Picking the five best isn’t easy but here goes nothing.

5. Darth Tax Evader

We know that Kimmel is a pretty big Star Wars fan so this one probably holds a special place in his heart, too. An honorable mention goes to “The Tandalorian.”

4. Commander in Beef

There were a lot of jokes about President Trump’s love of Big Macs over the years on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. This nickname is a nice reminder of the McDonald’s spread that came to the White House under President Trump.

3. Mar-a-Lardo

President Trump tried to nickname Mar-a-Largo the “Winter White House.” That didn’t quite stick but Kimmel did his best to make “Mar-a-Lardo” trend. Considering how much President Trump boasted about his physical fitness, this pun was especially clever.

2. Colludacris

There was just too much attention given to the Russia investigation on late night TV for a corresponding nickname to make the list. It was between this and “Putin’s Pee Pee Pal.”

1. Tangerine Twitter Machine

Twitter was where President Trump unleashed his nicknames on the world. And his tweets also provided Kimmel’s monologue with an incredible amount of material. So in honor of that, the Tangerine Twitter Machine tops the list of Kimmel’s best nicknames.

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What was your favorite nickname from Jimmy Kimmel? Let us know your picks in the comment section below.