Stephen Colbert amused by Trump's desperation for affection

Former President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Conway, South Carolina
Former President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Conway, South Carolina / Win McNamee/GettyImages

Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert celebrated Valentine's Day with his wife Evie. But before that, Colbert's monologue got some holiday cheer out of Donald Trump's desperate plea for affection.

Fan-favorite Evie Colbert stopped by the Late Show desk for another edition of "First Draft" for Valentine's Day 2024. It was the only thing that put Colbert in a better mood than mocking the former president once again.

Colbert's monologue reported on the Trump campaign sending out a mass email with the subject line "I Love You, Melania," which got a big laugh from the Late Show audience. Colbert imagined the former first lady's response would be a simple "unsubscribe."

The late-night TV host continued to mock the email's praise for Melania. Colbert joked that Trump was only happy that his wife never cooperated with any of the investigations against him.

Trump stayed in the Valentine's Day mood when he posted on social media about Republicans' failed effort to hold onto George Santos' seat in Congress. Trump declared "I want to be loved" in explaining how future candidates can get his endorsement and support from his base.

"Wow, that came out of nowhere," Colbert responded. "His subconscious just jumped up his throat and strangled his brain right in the middle of his screed." The Late Show host teased that we may hear more of Trump's pleas for affection making their way into future speeches.

Trump certainly won't find any affection from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. If Colbert gets his way, this will be the last Valentine's Day spent thinking about Donald Trump.