Stephen Colbert laughs at Trump's immunity argument


Donald Trump's attempt to claim presidential immunity prevents him from facing criminal charges is amusing Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host's monologue tried to unpack the logic behind the former president's latest argument.

Colbert's monologues have stayed on top of all of Trump's trials and legal proceedings. They even inspired the "Big House or White House" segment that has The Late Show predicting Trump will either serve time or serve as the next president of the United States.

If Trump's arguments are any indication, it's hard to imagine the latter coming true. In the January 6 case, Trump and his lawyers argued the Constitution gave Trump total immunity for any actions he took as president.

But when a judge pushed back on that argument and questioned if a president could sell pardons or order the assassination of a political rival, Trump's lawyer crumbled. And this was all to the delight of Stephen Colbert.

Colbert first joked that Trump would be taking notes from the judge on selling pardons and eliminating rivals. The comedian wasn't done there.

"To recap, Trump's lawyers are arguing that the president, who is currently Joe Biden, could order SEAL Team 6 to assasinate his political rival, who is currently Donald Trump," Colbert grinned. "That is a weird position for your lawyer to take."

Colbert's biggest takeaway from the court proceeding was the importance of voting. He recapped Trump's argument that a president can only face consequences if he's impeached by the senate. Therefore, Colbert encouraged his audience to vote to prevent any such scenario.