Jimmy Kimmel vs. George Santos feud escalates; Ex-congressman sues late-night host

George Santos Holds Press Conference On Capitol Hill Steps
George Santos Holds Press Conference On Capitol Hill Steps / Drew Angerer/GettyImages

Jimmy Kimmel and George Santos aren't done with each other yet. The disgraced former congressman has sued the late-night TV host over the latter's Cameo pranks.

After being expelled from Congress, George Santos quickly pivoted to Cameo. He made a hefty sum off the video service, creating birthday, anniversary, and every other kind of video for the paying public.

Jimmy Kimmel spent months mocking Santos when the New York Republican became infamous for his resume lies and unusual behavior once in office. The late-night TV host then couldn't resist when Santos joined Cameo, submitting fake video requests and playing the results on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

So on February 17, Santos responded by suing Kimmel and Disney with a fraud and copyright infringement lawsuit. The ex-lawmaker's complaint cited "the deliberate deception and wrongful appropriation of the Plaintiff’s digital content by the Defendants."

Santos claimed that Cameo's terms of service prevent videos from being broadcast on national TV. Furthermore, he argued that Kimmel's only intent was "ridiculing [Santos'] gregarious personality."

The irony of George Santos suing someone for "deliberate deception" certainly won't be lost on Kimmel. The New York representative used deception when it came to claims about his education and professional experience. And then there are the deceptive charges paid by his campaign that ultimately cost him his seat in the House.

Kimmel has yet to respond to George Santos' lawsuit publicly. That may change when Jimmy Kimmel Live! returns with a new episode on Tuesday, February 20. Disney may prefer Kimmel keep quiet, but the late-night host typically can't let someone else get the last word in a feud.