Jimmy Kimmel previews Trump's upcoming reunions with 2016 characters


Donald Trump's past is coming back to haunt in him in an upcoming court case. Meanwhile, the former president is also looking to reunite with a former member of his administration for 2024. Jimmy Kimmel Live! explained it all on Tuesday night.

Of course, the past has been a major part of Trump's 2024 campaign. He continues to air his grievances about the 2020 election, January 6, his impeachments, and countless other things that happened years ago. Late-night TV has stayed on top of it all, finding a balance between responding and dismissing the ex-president's complaints.

Now, two prominent figures from Trump's past will testify against him in an upcoming trial. Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen can take the stand in the hush money case against Trump.

"It will be fun to see them all together again," Jimmy Kimmel joked during his monologue. "It's the closest [Trump] is gonna get to an all-star cast reunion." The late-night TV host also teased the court stenographer will likely have to record some unusual word combinations during their testimony.

Kimmel's monologue continued, saying that Trump is bringing back all the "best worst people." According to reports, Trump wants to reunite with Paul Manafort. Trump's former campaign manager was convicted of multiple felonies and also gave polling data to Russian intelligence during the 2016 election.

Kimmel pushed back on Trump's reported plan to have Manafort oversee the Republican National Convention. "I'm surprised [Manafort] could do [it] because when Manafort was being sentenced, he claimed he had too many medical problems to go to prison. But I guess he magically healed up," the comedian said.

"And who better to run your election campaign then a man who isn't allowed to vote in that election," Kimmel added.

So for better or worse, many of the characters introduced in 2016 are being rebooted in 2024. The names may be old, but the material is new for late-night TV hosts like Jimmy Kimmel. Whether Kimmel will run out of jokes about the same people remains to be seen. But Trump tends to create new scenarios that keep the late-night jokes fresh.