Jimmy Kimmel fires back at Nikki Haley for stealing Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes) /

Nikki Haley continues to look to late-night TV for campaign help after pinching Jimmy Kimmel Live's popular "Mean Tweets" bit. Jimmy Kimmel's monologue gave the comedian a chance to respond.

Haley's campaign remains far behind that of Donald Trump, leading Haley to take some big swings. She made a surprise cameo during Saturday Night Live's cold open last week. Now, she's turning to a different late-night TV show for inspiration.

The former South Carolina used Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" graphics and sound for an ad she even titled "Nikki Haley Live." The GOP hopeful then read off social media posts from Donald Trump, accompanied by what Kimmel called the worst laugh track he'd ever heard.

"She's a natural," Kimmel said sarcastically. Haley's choice to rip off "Mean Tweets" had the late-night host thinking revenge.

"How would you like it if I launched a disastrous campaign for president?" Kimmel asked. "If you're going to steal our bits, at least eat all of Eric Trump's Halloween candy and see what kind of tantrum he throws," he added, referencing another famous Jimmy Kimmel Live! bit.

Kimmel's response wrapped up with the comedian claiming that Haley would hear from his attorney, one Rudolph Giuliani.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! isn't against politicians using "Mean Tweets" to get on an audience's good side. But the late-night TV show usually does it on their terms.

Former President Barack Obama received his own special edition of "Mean Tweets" before leaving office. Then in November 2020, the show released the "Political Edition" of the bit featuring the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz, and Nancy Pelosi.

Now it looks like Nikki Haley feels left out. Taking matters into her own hands and making "Nikki Haley Live" probably sounded like a good idea. But Jimmy Kimmel made sure to quickly remind everyone that remakes are never as good as the original.