Is Jimmy Kimmel doing his Halloween candy prank for 2023?

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Halloween is a holiday full of traditions, especially when it comes to candy. But what about Jimmy Kimmel‘s Halloween candy prank? Is it back for 2023?

For years, Kimmel has encouraged parents to prank their kids by telling them their Halloween candy is gone. Reactions ranging from total meltdowns to violent outbursts have been filmed and showcased on Jimmy Kimmel Live! every Halloween season.

Unfortunately for those who love the tradition, the late-night TV host is taking a year off. There is no Jimmy Kimmel Halloween candy prank for 2023.

Kimmel explained the decision during his November 2 monologue. “A lot of people were asking if we’re going to do the thing where ask parents to pretend they ate their kids’ Halloween candy this year,” the comedian explained. “The answer is we felt like the world was sad enough as it is, so we didn’t.”

While late-night TV has often tried to be a distraction or remedy during uncertain times, Kimmel’s decision is the right one. The prank is about being cruel to children and toying with their emotions, which is a very different type of comedy. Given everything going on in the world, it didn’t seem like the right vibe for Halloween 2023.

Jimmy Kimmel decided to prank Halloween candy thieves instead for 2023

While there is no Jimmy Kimmel Halloween candy prank for 2023, that doesn’t mean the late-night TV host didn’t completely give up on pranks. He just decided to change the target from kids to Halloween candy thieves.

Kimmel enlisted the help of YouTuber and inventor Mark Rober to go after greedy guests on Halloween. Rober has been a frequent Jimmy Kimmel Live! guest to show off his odd inventions, pranks, and more like the “glitter bomb.”

Rober and Kimmel reveal they came up with dozens of traps to prank unsuspecting Halloween trick-or-treaters intent on stealing candy. Kimmel then introduced the video showcasing the consequences for those who don’t follow the honor system on Halloween.

Whether or not Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween candy prank returns for 2024 remains to be seen. But if the late-night TV host decides to retire the bit, he already has the perfect replacement thanks to Mark Rober.