Jimmy Kimmel dumps on the MAGA party in New Hampshire

Voters Head To The Polls To Cast Their Vote In The New Hampshire Primary
Voters Head To The Polls To Cast Their Vote In The New Hampshire Primary / Brandon Bell/GettyImages

Jimmy Kimmel's monologue threw a wet blanket over the MAGA party in New Hampshire following Donald Trump's primary win. The late-night TV host roasted the cast of characters that came out to celebrate the former president.

Trump earned another decisive victory, despite Nikki Haley taking the opportunity to act like the winner. Haley's actions following her second/last-place finish reportedly left Trump seething. But his (in)famous supporters were in good spirits following the vote tally.

Kimmel's monologue called it a party night in MAGA land as he recapped the reaction. He started off by ripping Kellyanne Conway's appearance on Fox News where she suggested Haley denied the results of the primary and that Trump had been nothing but gracious toward his competition.

The late-night TV host responded by sharing Trump's social media posts calling Haley "bird brain" and loudly declaring that she came in last place. It wasn't exactly gracious behavior.

Kimmel then turned his attention to the behavior of Team Trump in New Hampshire. First up was Marjorie Taylor Greene, who found herself in Kimmel's comedic crosshairs once again.

Kimmel first questioned if Greene was drunk based on an interview in which she insulted Haley and claimed President Joe Biden had dementia. He eventually quipped that Greene had "more loose bolts than a Boeing 737."

But when the reporter asked if Kimmel would "write about" Biden losing the write-in vote in New Hampshire, Kimmel had to respond.

The host largely dismissed the shoutout, reminding everyone that he hosts a television show and not a newsletter. Kimmel did add that Biden did in fact win New Hampshire as a write-in for the Democratic side.

Next up was George Santos. The disgraced former congressman also traveled to New Hampshire to support Donald Trump, apparently taking a break from reading Jimmy Kimmel's Cameo requests.

Kimmel wondered if Santos was angling for a pardon by going to New Hampshire. But the comedian thought better of it, saying "Trump must hate [Santos] so much."

The Trump Train is rolling along through the primary season, bringing a cast of characters along for the ride. Jimmy Kimmel's monologues will continue to keep them all in check, whether they call him out or not.