Jacob Elordi's height takes center stage with "short king" SNL skit

Jacob Elordi hosts Saturday Night Live tonight and expectedly, his very tall height was a subject of one of the skits.
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BAFTA Award nominee Jacob Elordi serves as this evening's host on Saturday Night Live, and ahead of the show, I was very curious to see how he'd do. He's no doubt a great actor, having shown his skills in dramatic roles like Euphoria and Priscilla, just to name a couple... but comedy? He hasn't been in a lot of those, especially not in recent years. But even the quick teasers for the new episode of SNL had me convinced he'd surprise us with his goofy side we don't see that often.

One of the first skits of tonight's episode of SNL spoofed reality dating shows such as The Bachelor, this time seeing a woman choose between short men as her "short king." Comedians like Bowen Yang, who is 5'8, and Marcello Hernandez, whose height has been reported to be somewhere between 5'6 and 5'8, played contestants for the show, with Chloe Fineman portraying the show's lead. Just as Chloe was about to pick a short king, the host, played by Mikey Day, revealed another contestant was joining. As you'd predict, it was Jacob Elordi.

But Elordi doesn't exactly fit the "short king" title — leading Chloe's character to immediately choose him without knowing anything about him at all. The host encouraged Chloe to get to know the contestant, named Jackson, and pretty much everything he revealed about himself was a red flag. But because he's so tall, Chloe's character didn't care. She just wanted a tall man! Can we blame her?

How tall is Jacob Elordi? Very, very tall

If you're watching Saturday Night Live tonight and are wondering just how tall Elordi is, you might be surprised to learn he's 6'5. Yep, you read that right. He towers over not only his SNL scene partners, but also most of the actors he works with!

Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan
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Fans were hoping Elordi's Saltburn co-star Barry Keoghan might show up during the "short king" skit, especially considering their height difference has led to so many hilarious memes. Even Keoghan has seen them and finds them funny, setting up a great opportunity for Saturday Night Live this evening. Unfortunately, Keoghan didn't appear in the skit, which seems like a missed opportunity. But Elordi certainly held his own as a super sleazy, good looking guy and so far tonight, he's been really funny. I love to see this side of him!

Reneé Rapp serves as the musical guest during tonight's SNL episode and she's already shown up in skits, which fans were so happy to see.

Tonight's episode is a great way to kick off SNL in the new year. Keep up with us at Last Night On for our continued coverage of late night shows!