The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper launching a conspiracy theory podcast

The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper is launching his own podcast to examine conspiracy theories.

Klepper’s limited series podcast, Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy, will piggyback off his successful “Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse” videos in which he encounters some of the country’s strangest everyday people. Now, Klepper will try to uncover some of the popular conspiracy theories that informed the mindset of many people he’s met during his travels.

Here’s what Comedy Central said about the podcast in a statement shared via The Wrap:

[Klepper will] step off the trail to dig deep into some of the wildest theories he’s heard, and trace their origins with journalists, experts, and anyone who might have a lead on when JFK Jr. is coming back.

In his adventures into MAGA country, Jordan Klepper encounters some of the more imaginative, conspiratorial minds America has to offer. [The podcast] offers an opportunity to better understand the stories Americans tell themselves.

The podcast keeps Klepper in the spotlight, and deservedly so. He picked up an Emmy nomination for The Daily Show for his special “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Presents: Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse — Into The MAGAverse,” documenting the January 6 riot.

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper has found his calling

Man on the street videos are a staple of late-night TV. And in the YouTube era, it’s become even easier for anyone to go out with a camera and record absurd interactions. However, no one does it quite like Jordan Klepper.

Klepper has been a hit on The Daily Show since he showed up in 2014. It can take some time for correspondents to find their groove or come up with a segment or bit that connects with audiences.

And like just about every other late-night comedian, Klepper benefited from the Trump era. His coverage of Trump rallies and the aptly named MAGAverse has become his calling card. Countless videos and clips have gone viral, making Klepper a hero on the left and a villain on the right.

Expect that experience to come in handy when the comedian launches his podcast. Look for Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy to go live this fall.

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