Stephen Colbert recaps juicy details about Trumps and Secret Service

A secret service agent scans the crowd as Donald Trump speaks (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
A secret service agent scans the crowd as Donald Trump speaks (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) /

A new book about the Secret Service includes some interesting and scandalous details about the Trump family. Stephen Colbert caught his audience up on all the details last night on The Late Show.

Former President Donald Trump’s use of the Secret Service was frequently criticized while he was in office. It was well-documented how expensive it was to have agents protecting the president during his many golf outings. Many people also raised questions about how taxpayer money was used to accommodate Secret Service agents at Trump properties.

Then, it was reported that President Trump’s adult children and their spouses received six months of extended protection after Trump left the White House. While the practice isn’t uncommon, it is typically reserved for underage children or college students.

Speaking of Trump’s adult children and their spouses, they are at the center of juicy new details included in Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service by Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist Carol Leonnig. Stephen Colbert’s monologue can get you up to speed:

Stephen Colbert isn’t surprised by allegations about the Trumps

Stephen Colbert doesn’t sound all that shocked to report that Vanessa Trump, the ex-wife of Donald Trump, Jr., allegedly dated a Secret Service agent. Colbert stopped being surprised by Trump family scandals a long time ago, so reports of an inappropriate relationship don’t come out of nowhere.

Colbert moves on to cover reports that former President Donald Trump wasn’t too happy with some of his agents. The Late Show host points out the irony of Trump demanding that agents in his detail be the picture of health.

The reports about the former president didn’t stop there. According to the book, Trump wanted to dig up underground gates to eliminate the bump he felt when his limo drove over them. The detail is another insight into Trump’s peculiarities. But Colbert uses it to take another shot at Donald Trump, Jr.

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