The Daily Show investigates the way President Trump stands

President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) /

The Daily Show says the way President Donald Trump stands isn’t getting enough attention.

Donald Trump makes headlines with every single thing that he says, signs, or tweets. Yet there is one thing about the president that doesn’t get the media attention it deserves, according to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

The way President Trump stands has been a curiosity to some and ignored by others. But The Daily Show decided it was worthy of a full investigation. The Comedy Central late night show looked to answer the how and why of President Trump’s posture.

The Daily Show is by no means the first to ask these questions or point out things seem odd. In fact, on the same night as The Daily Show‘s investigation, Jimmy Kimmel Live! addressed the stance during its monologue.

But Trevor Noah and company were prepared a three-minute piece on the topic. Watch as Noah argues that the president’s posture is not how a normal person stands and tries to figure out why:

The Daily Show imagines President Trump working with a posture expert.

Late night television shows have made it clear that President Trump doesn’t really listen to anyone. Still, having someone teach the president to stand the way he does is the only reasonable explanation The Daily Show can come up with.

The presidential posture is compared to everything from Frankenstein to a T-rex. Popping out the backside, carrying imaginary briefcases, and bending forward are the keys to standing like the president.

For Trevor Noah and his team, the weirdness isn’t just limited to standing. The sitting president also has some unusual habits that the late night show finds strange. Just don’t expect Donald Trump to be sitting next to Trevor Noah for an interview especially after this clip gets around.

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