Mike Lindell set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight

Mike Lindell (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Mike Lindell (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

Controversial figure Mike Lindell will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, the culmination of a  long back-and-forth between the MyPillow CEO and Jimmy Kimmel. The late night show has faced criticism for its decision to book Lindell, making tonight even more of a must-see event.

Kimmel has been covering Lindell since the election when Lindell became an unofficial spokesman for Donald Trump. Lindell spread conspiracy theories about election fraud that led to the businessman facing a $1.3 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems.

That hasn’t slowed down Lindell, however. He launched his own social media platform after being banned from Twitter. His 48-hour live stream became a goldmine of content for Kimmel and Lindell eventually took notice. Kimmel invited the MyPillow Guy onto the show and Lindell accepted.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been criticized for giving Lindell the platform that comes with a late night TV show on ABC. But just like Saturday Night Live and Elon Musk, the show appears ready to go on as planned with Lindell as a guest.

How will Jimmy Kimmel treat Mike Lindell on the show?

In his monologues, Jimmy Kimmel has not held back when it comes to mocking Mike Lindell. The comedian has questioned Lindell’s sanity while also bringing up his history of drug abuse.

It will be interesting to see if Kimmel’s approach changes once he is face-to-face with Lindell. Kimmel could just wind up Lindell and sit back, letting the pillow salesman rant and rave about conspiracy theories.

Or, Kimmel could go on the offensive and look to engage Lindell. The late night host and his team of writers have had time to prepare for Lindell’s arrival. They very well could have a plan to set Lindell up in the hopes of making him look foolish.

Will Jimmy Kimmel give Mike Lindell the Matt Damon treatment?

A third option, however unlikely, is still on the table. Jimmy Kimmel could give Mike Lindell the same treatment reserved for Matt Damon and bump the MyPillow CEO from the show.

Lindell was visibly excited when he got confirmation that he would appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. It wouldn’t be a stretch for Kimmel, late night’s king of pranks, to keep Lindell waiting in the green room before eventually “running out of time.”

The other guest tonight is actor Justin Theroux. He’s a friend of Kimmel’s, so it wouldn’t be too hard to get him in on the act and let their interview go long. Musician Tom Jones is also scheduled to perform, meaning Jimmy Kimmel Live! has a full lineup planned for Wednesday.

Going this route could backfire. A lot of people will tune in to the show tonight to see Kimmel and Lindell meet. Building up the episode only to skip out on the interview could rub fans the wrong way.

Either way, Kimmel will face criticism for giving Mike Lindell this much attention. He’s come this far, so Kimmel may as well sit down with the MyPillow Guy and see what happens.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs tonight at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC. Will you be tuning in to see Mike Lindell? Let us know in the comment section below.