Jimmy Kimmel reviews MyPillow Guy’s new websites

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel has done the public another favor. This time, it’s by reviewing the websites launched by Mike Lindell, AKA the MyPillow Guy.

Lindell evolved from a pillow pitchman with a multimillion-dollar empire to a political figure thanks to his ties to former President Donald Trump. He was on the campaign trail, appeared at rallies, and later pushed conspiracy theories on election fraud that led to multiple lawsuits.

Lindell’s claims also resulted in a ban from Twitter. So the MyPillow Guy has decided to create his own social media platform to promote “free speech” that can’t be censored by Twitter. His pillow sales also suffered due to his membership on Team Trump. Lindell has a solution for that as well in the form of an Amazon-esque website he created.

If you’re curious about what these sites are all about but don’t necessarily want to venture there yourself, Jimmy Kimmel has you covered. Kimmel’s monologue last night reviewed both frankspeech.com and MyStore.com.

Jimmy Kimmel continues to document Mike Lindell’s meltdown

There have been several stories about conservatives starting their own social media platform to protest the allegedly excessive censorship from Twitter. Donald Trump was rumored to be building his own site but it looks like Mike Lindell beat him to the punch. But based on Kimmel’s review, don’t expect Frankspeech to be making much of an impact.

Over on MyStore.com, Kimmel found all sorts of random “As Seen on TV” type products. Kimmel raises the question of why the MyPillow Guy wouldn’t just stick to pillows. Maybe it has something to do with the $60+ million in losses.

Kimmel’s review of Lindell’s sites comes just a few weeks after he reviewed Donald Trump’s new website. Both sites failed to impress the late night host but did give him more reason to celebrate Trump and Lindell’s fall from the spotlight.

Kimmel is by far the most interested in Mike Lindell among late night hosts. Jimmy Kimmel Live! has spent multiple monologues charting Lindell’s public meltdown and financial losses stemming from the CEO’s Trump connection. Kimmel’s recent “interview” with Lindell stands out as a highlight:

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