Jimmy Kimmel explains how Trump can be convicted in impeachment trial

President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel has been around long enough to know a longshot when he sees one. But that didn’t stop the late night host from breaking down the longshot road to convicting former President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial.

Maybe the fact that Kimmel isn’t holding his breath that Republican Senators will do the right thing has freed him up to enjoy some parts of the trial. For instance, Kimmel was one of a handful of late night hosts that were very amused by Trump’s lawyers bumbling their way through the opening.

In Kimmel’s view, it also helps that Donald Trump is out of office and has already done whatever damage he can do. Ideally, Kimmel would see the former president held accountable for that damage but that would mean a number of Republicans joining Democrats in voting to convict.

It is doubtful that will happen, and many Republicans have said as much before the trial even began. But if there is a path to conviction and Kimmel laid it out for his audience on Thursday night.

Jimmy Kimmel sees a narrow path to a conviction in Trump’s impeachment trial

Jimmy Kimmel Live! fans know how much Kimmel enjoyed watching CNN’s John King work the “Magic Wall” during the election. So it was only a matter of time before Kimmel found a reason to do his own version, breaking down with GOP Senators are most likely to join Democrats in voting to convict former President Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection.

Kimmel’s formula is fairly straightforward: eliminate all Senators up for reelection in 2022 and 2023 and those who voted to overturn the election results as well as Senator Lindsey Graham.

It leaves Kimmel with the six Senators who voted that the trial was constitutional, three who plan to retire, and 12 who aren’t up for reelection anytime soon. But the comedian isn’t counting on all of them to make a difference–especially Senators Tom Cotton and Bill Haggerty.

Kimmel encourages his viewers represented by these remaining Republicans to call in and let their voices be heard. He’s only half-joking when he says the country would be in great shape if people cared about it as much as they care about Britney Spears.

This bit from Jimmy Kimmel Live! also serves to remind people that there is a way for Donald Trump to be held accountable for the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Kimmel is realistic and acknowledges that Republicans up for reelection are afraid of Trump’s base. So even with a pessimistic view of politics, Kimmel argues that the right thing can still be done. He just isn’t holding out much hope that he’ll see it happen.

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