Trump’s lawyers mocked by late night for rocky start

Bruce Castor and David Schoen (Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images)
Bruce Castor and David Schoen (Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images) /

Former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is underway and late night TV is watching with a close eye. The underwhelming performance of President Trump’s lawyers has especially caught the attention of comedians like Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Noah.

Lawyers weren’t exactly knocking down the door at Mar-a-Largo for the chance to represent Donald Trump against charges he incited an insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6. The case against the former president appears clear cut even if Senate Republicans are unlikely to hold him accountable. It has made finding legal representation much more difficult for the 45th president.

First, it was made clear that Rudy Giuliani would not be representing Trump in the impeachment trial. It seems like the Borat appearance, hair dye fiasco, and Four Seasons Landscaping debacle were enough for Trump to sour on the former New York City mayor.

Then, the legal team that was in place quit. Few were surprised by the news after it was reported that Trump wanted his lawyers to argue that the election was stolen from him rather than address the issue at hand.

Finally, Trump landed on Bill Castor and David Schoen as his lawyers. The pair got off to a rocky start with Castor especially infuriating Trump with his performance. As always, anything that annoys Donald Trump amuses late night TV hosts.

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s lawyers

Seth Meyers doesn’t need a trial to be convinced that former President Donald Trump is guilty of inciting the Capitol riot. Watch any recent installment of “A Closer Look” and you’ll see the Late Night host go through the evidence piece by piece.

It frees up Meyers to pay attention to other aspects of the trial, like the objectively bad start by Trump’s lawyers. Last night on Late Night, Meyers used “A Closer Look” to highlight just how bad Bruce Castor and David Schoen have looked at the start of the impeachment trial.

According to Meyers, Donald Trump has no one to blame but himself for having such poor representation. As the Late Night host puts it: “Such is the price of being an impossible client who ignores the advice of counsel and also doesn’t pay his bills.”

Meyers goes on to rip Bruce Castor for his poor debut at the impeachment trial. “A Closer Look” highlights how unprepared and overwhelmed Castor appeared as fitting for a Donald Trump lawyer.

David Schoen didn’t do anything to escape Meyers’ jokes, either. His presentation was much different that Castor’s but “A Closer Look” didn’t let him slide, calling him “despicable.”

Jimmy Kimmel found a silver lining for former President Donald Trump’s lawyers

It wasn’t all bad news for Donald Trump’s lawyers. Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue said that Wednesday was actually a good day for Trump’s legal team because they didn’t have to speak.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! put together a montage of just how poorly reviewed Bruce Cator and David Schoen were for their performance to open the impeachment trial. “Awful,” “rambling,” “atrocious,” “embarrassing,” and “disorganized” were just some of the ways analysts and pundits described it, much to the delight of Kimmel.

Kimmel jokes that it may already be time to get Rudy Giuliani back in the game. It would be the only thing more beneficial for late night TV hosts than what they’re getting now with Castor and Schoen.

Trevor Noah on how the GOP is even bashing Trump’s lawyers

It will be shocking if enough Republican Senators break ranks and vote with Democrats to convict former President Trump of inciting an insurrection. It’s clear that few are willing to get on the bad side of Trump’s base or incur the wrath of Donald Trump himself.

But as The Daily Show with Trevor Noah pointed out, that didn’t stop Republicans from admitting just how bad Trump’s lawyers look so far. Noah summed up what the country saw from Bruce Castor and David Schoen:

"They never addressed key issues. They went off on meandering tangents. One guy cried while reading a poem. It was going so badly for the Republicans, I thought Ted Cruz was going to start another insurrection just to change the subject."

Noah went on to showcase how the harshest criticism of Trump’s lawyers actually came from Republicans. It was another example of how late night TV hosts have been enjoying the GOP in-fighting since the election.

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