Jimmy Kimmel: John King’s magic wall secrets revealed

John King (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
John King (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

CNN’s John King told Jimmy Kimmel why so many Americans love his magic wall

As election night turned into election week, there was a national feeling of tension as Americans were on edge waiting for the results. It fell on news anchors to keep viewers updated, engaged, and informed. And that is certainly what CNN’s John King tried to do with his map, AKA the magic wall.

We were told to prepare for a long, tedious process in declaring a winner between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Still, people were eager to know who would win and there was a short supply of patience as mail-in votes were counted and added to the tally.

Cable news networks were just as guilty of this. They asked election officials in states like Arizona and Pennsylvania for definitive timelines on when results would be in, reflecting the mood of those watching at home.

The longer it took to get results, the more time CNN’s John King spent on air. He became an election night/week star in his own right thanks for his mastery of the magic wall detailing county-by-county results. King’s popularity was evident on social media and on Wednesday night, he and the magic wall were center stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

John King’s theory on why he and the magic wall were so popular

Jimmy Kimmel adds his voice to those who have been praising John King for his election coverage. The late night host compares King’s performance to “calming a horse in a lightning storm.” The amount of information at his fingertips could have been overwhelming but King did well to contextualize everything while cautioning those watching not to get ahead of themselves one war or the other.

For King, the secret to the magic wall’s success and popularity is the comfort it provided. He compared it to a set of slippers; something that viewers have grown used to since it debuted in 2008. Kimmel acknowledged that what was once a punchline to him became something of a lifeline as the election rolled on.

Kimmel also asked King about the attention he received on social media. The CNN correspondent sounded flattered by the adoration but shifted credit to the magic wall and his colleagues at CNN.

Now with the election called, King can unplug the magic wall until it’s needed again and returns better than ever. No doubt his newfound fan club will be waiting.

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