Stephen Colbert lays into the MyPillow guy and Rudy Giuliani

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert reacted to the actions of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Rudy Giuliani as the Trump presidency comes to an end

There are only hours left in Donald Trump’s presidency and when it ends, so too will the spotlight on the cast of characters seen in and around the White House over the past four years. That list includes MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Rudy Giuliani. You can count Stephen Colbert among those eager to say goodbye.

Rudy Giuliani’s year of gaffes and failures continues to roll on. After unsuccessfully trying to overturn the election, President Trump’s personal lawyer has found himself connected to individuals who participated in the Capitol riot. News reports also suggest that President Trump does not want to pay Giuliani or have him involved in an upcoming impeachment trial.

Meanwhile, Mike Lindell was photographed outside the West Wing last week carrying notes ahead of his meeting with President Trump. In addition to Lindell’s suggestions on how to frame the Capitol riot and on personnel decisions, the notes included references to martial law.

Stephen Colbert got his chance to respond during Monday night’s The Late Show. Colbert’s monologue targeted Giuliani and Lindell, hopefully for the last time.

Stephen Colbert hardly sounds surprised to hear reports that Rudy Giuliani is looking to profit from presidential pardons. The Late Show host points out that this is the latest in a long line of grifts that began when President Trump took office.

Giuliani’s excuse is almost too perfect for Colbert. The lawyer claims he doesn’t recall a meeting where a pardon was priced at $2 million because of how much alcohol was consumed during the meeting. It’s not the first time Colbert has mocked Giuliani’s behavior when booze is involved.

Stephen Colbert mocked MyPillow guy Mike Lindell over meeting with President Trump

It appears that the pillow salesman had a plan to keep President Trump in power and overturn the election. Naturally, this raised some eyebrows and had some people calling for Lindell’s arrest or wondering why he was there in the first place.

Lindell’s grand plan to keep President Trump in power was apparently based on conspiracy theories. Colbert makes sure to point that out while also noting that MyPillow was using the Q-inspired promo codes over the weekend. This could be why Colbert described Lindell as “fascist-adjacent” in his monologue.

Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell are just two of many, many characters we’ve come to know over the past four years. And in the final days of the Trump Train, they appear to be among the last passengers on the ride. If nothing else, it got them one more night of attention from Stephen Colbert.

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