Jimmy Kimmel shares White House gossip from Trump’s chaotic final days

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel is amused as he watches the walls cave in around President Donald Trump

While President Donald Trump remains increasingly isolated, the process of moving him out of the White House has begun. It was a welcomed sight for Jimmy Kimmel who spent Thursday’s monologue recapping everything that’s going wrong in Trump World.

President Trump only has five days in power left before President-elect Joe Biden’s administration takes over. But Washington won’t be done with Donald Trump as an impeachment trial in the Senate is still on the table.

Meanwhile, those who hitched their wagon to the Trump Train are discovering the consequences of hanging on for too long. Kimmel has talked in the past about who was bailing on President Trump but some remain committed to sticking around until the end.

But defeats in the election and legal challenges, followed by impeachment, have now associated the Trump brand with losing. Jimmy Kimmel took time to savor the moment on Thursday night while sharing some White House gossip:

A still image of cardboard moving boxes outside the White House is enough to get Jimmy Kimmel excited. The late night host considered it the only good news we’ve heard over the past week and he wanted more. Kimmel joked that a live stream of President Trump and his administration moving out would be must-see TV.

Based on reports, it sounds like President Trump will be the last one to box up his stuff. The president is reportedly isolated in the White House along with a dwindling number of staff members. Again, the image of Donald Trump alone and pouting puts a smile on Kimmel’s face. The comedian quips that it’s a far cry from the Trump White House asking about adding the President’s face to Mount Rushmore.

Kimmel was also amused by reports that President Trump had to be talked into his video denouncing violence from his supporters. However, the late night host was denied more entertainment by whoever prevented President Trump from defending himself against impeachment charges on the House floor.

Jimmy Kimmel reacts to President Trump’s closes allies turning on him

Jimmy Kimmel could not get enough White House gossip last night. He was especially interested in the behind-the-scenes feud between President Donald Trump and two of his closes allies.

First, there was the report that President Trump considered resigning but wasn’t convinced that Vice President Mike Pence would pardon him. Kimmel reminds us that Vice President Pence was insulted by President Trump and then had an angry mob come after him just last week. So it’s no surprise to hear that the VP isn’t keen on doing his boss any favors.

Then, Kimmel turns his attention to Rudy Giuliani. Reportedly, President Trump is refusing to pay Giuliani’s legal fees and wants to personally approve travel reimbursements. Kimmel is only surprised it took so long for President Trump to turn on Giuliani considering the lawyer’s losing record in court and his countless gaffes along the way.

The Trump Train is fully off the rails at this point. The movers are at the White House and there is no fond farewell waiting. The ride is over but that hasn’t stopped President Trump from throwing people off. As Kimmel put it: “but this is what Trump does: even if you don’t jump ship, sooner or later he’ll throw you off it.”

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