Stephen Colbert celebrates (another) Biden victory (again)

Stephen Colbert (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert thinks the latest news is the final straw in President Donald Trump’s challenge to Joe Biden’s victory

President Donald Trump once promised that his supporters would eventually become tired of all the winning under his leadership. But when it comes to the 2020 election, it is former Vice President Joe Biden who racked up victory after victory. Is it finally time to officially say goodbye to President Trump? Stephen Colbert’s monologue attempted to answer that question last night on The Late Show.

Since Election Day, we’ve watched as Joe Biden won the popular vote and captured the 270 electoral college votes necessary to win the presidency. We then watched as President Trump’s legal team suffered loss after loss as well as a few embarrassing moments outside of the courtroom.

President Trump has attempted to tweet his way through defeat, arguing that the election was rigged and widespread fraud denied him his rightful victory. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been watching and reacting to it all in its segment “The Road From the White House.”

On Monday, Colbert crossed his fingers and hoped that it would be the last edition of the “far too long-running segment.” The electoral college certified its votes and affirmed Joe Biden as the next president. Colbert explained why this puts an end to the election and puts the attention on the Republicans in Congress who supported President Trump’s attempt to overturn the results.

President Trump continues to give Stephen Colbert reasons to celebrate. Late Show fans will recall that Colbert popped champagne during his monologue after Biden was projected as the winner. Recapping defeat after defeat for Team Trump’s lawsuits also was an excuse for Colbert to actually enjoy discussing the current president.

The victory is a bittersweet one for Colbert, however. He joked about it but the fact that electors had to meet in secrecy or in undisclosed locations for their own safety was something Colbert couldn’t wrap his head around. What should have been a boring formality turned into a tense day and Colbert blames President Trump and the GOP for it.

Stephen Colbert wonders what will happen to Trump’s supporters in Congress

The media coverage of the electoral college vote also didn’t help convey a sense of normalcy. Colbert acknowledged this but also pointed the finger at Republican members of Congress who went along with President Trump’s attempt to overturn the election.

Colbert has called the Republican Party a cult in the past so the devotion to President Trump hasn’t been a total surprise to the Late Show host. It just sounds as if he figured such an obvious victory by Joe Biden would be enough for some GOP members to jump ship.

The monologue mentions the 126 Republican members of Congress who supported a Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn results in Pennsylvania and other states. Colbert calls them “anti-democratic cult members” and offers his own suggestion on what should happen to them:

"You don’t have to bar 126 Republicans. But 18 of them come from those four states whose elections they claimed were fradulent. Which is a weird self-own. It’s like being at the altar, she says ‘I do’ and you’re like ‘really? Why?’. So I think it’s only fair that these 18 either recognize the election as valid or be consistent and say that their wins was fradulent. That way, the GOP either has to vote that Biden won fairly or vote that these 18 idiots lose their jobs."

We won’t have to wait long to see how the GOP behaves once President Trump is out of office. Stephen Colbert isn’t counting on any Republican to do the right thing but only time will tell.

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