Stephen Colbert: Is Trump taking the Republican Party down with him?

Stephen Colbert (Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert’s monologue looked at the damage President Donald Trump could be doing to the GOP by challenging the election

There is a little over a month left in President Donald Trump’s term in office. It’s still plenty of time to leave a lasting effect on something, be it positive or negative. According to Stephen Colbert, President Trump may be in the process of taking down the Republican Party on his way out the door.

President Trump’s losing streak continued as states such as Arizona and Nevada have certified the election in favor of Joe Biden. A recount in Wisconsin requested by the Trump campaign added more votes to the Democratic challenger. And Rudy Giuliani, the mastermind of President Trump’s legal team, continues to have poor showings.

Even with the writing on the wall, President Trump has yet to publicly concede or acknowledge that he was defeated in a fair election. And while his tweets and tantrums won’t change anything about the presidential election, the president’s behavior could have a damaging effect on Republican efforts to retain control of the Senate.

Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert’s monologue discussed next month’s runoff elections in Georgia. Victories for the two Democratic candidates would flip control of the Senate away from the GOP. Colbert pointed out that President Trump’s pressure on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and attacks on election integrity could backfire.

Stephen Colbert sees the Republican Party trying to distance itself from President Trump

Just like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, it seems like the Republican Party is slowly trying to wash its hands of Donald Trump. Earlier in his monologue, Colbert reported how Arizona Governor Doug Ducey ignored the president’s demands to overturn the election. Then came the news that Attorney General Bill Barr said there was no indication of any voter fraud.

It’s a far cry from just a few months ago when Colbert was calling the Republican Party a cult completely dedicated to President Trump. Now, those hoping to have a political future, are exercising caution when it comes to aligning with the president.

President Trump’s claims that the election is rigged and that Democrats stole the election still have the backing of many voters. Colbert highlights how voters following President Trump’s logic could wind up boycotting the election or refusing to vote, effectively costing Republicans the Senate.

Colbert doesn’t have any empathy for the self-destruction of the GOP. With references to Frankenstein’s monster and jokes about President Trump eating his own, the Late Show host is more than happy to sit back and watch as Republicans potentially lose control of the Senate because of President Trump’s ego.

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