Jimmy Kimmel breaks down Trump’s tiny desk tantrum

President Donald Trump (Photo by Erin Schaff - Pool/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Erin Schaff - Pool/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel was very amused by President Donald Trump’s meltdown behind a tiny desk

There will be many lasting images from President Donald Trump’s time in the White House. And thanks to a tantrum behind a tiny desk during the president’s final days in power, Jimmy Kimmel now has his favorite image from the past four years.

President Trump continues to claim the election was rigged and that fraudulent votes cost him his reelection. This comes despite any concrete evidence and as the Trump campaign continues to lose its legal challenges.

But that hasn’t stopped President Trump from sending Rudy Giuliani out in front of cameras or brought him any closer to conceding. It all amounts to what Jimmy Kimmel has called “Squattergate.”

Kimmel’s monologue on Monday night highlighted the latest episode in the saga. Sitting alone behind a tiny desk, President Trump couldn’t keep it together when pressed by reporters about his election defeat.

Jimmy Kimmel continues to mock President Trump on his way out the door

Jimmy Kimmel has been as good as anyone at calling out President Donald Trump’s hypocrisy over the past few years. The late night host gets another chance, noting that President Trump doesn’t want anyone talking to him the same way he talks to everyone else.

Kimmel admits that “sitting at a little baby desk screaming ‘you can’t talk to the president that way,’ this is how I want to remember [Trump].” It has been quite the journey from where it started on an escalator. Kimmel has mocked every move since then and the tiny desk tantrum is no different.

The comedian even tried to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt, noting that past presidents have sat at that desk for important signings. The difference is that a crowd is usually around the desk to distract from its size. Perhaps the scene last week was symbolic of how fewer and fewer people are willing to stand behind President Trump. Either way, Kimmel was very amused.

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