Jimmy Kimmel helps Trump accept the reality of defeat

President Donald Trump (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue addressed President Donald Trump’s meltdown after losing the election to Joe Biden

Monday night was a celebration across late night television as hosts reacted to Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump. The president, however, is in no mood as he continues to challenge the results and legitimacy of the election. Jimmy Kimmel took it upon himself to help President Trump face reality.

Losing is never easy to accept, especially when you are Donald Trump and have made a career out of framing yourself as a winner and self-made success. On top of that, President Trump all but guaranteed a victory over his Democratic rival and suggested there was no way he could lose to the “worst candidate” of all-time.

But last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, President Trump was reminded of his long list of failures. Jimmy Kimmel recalled that Trump’s casinos, airline, university, magazine, steaks, and more have all failed.

Kimmel didn’t want to just rub it in when it came to President Trump’s loss. The ABC host offered to help the president get through this difficult time by suggesting he take inspiration from past election losers.

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t holding his breath that President Trump will suddenly change course and concede. It would go against everything we know about Donald Trump and how he views the world.

For that reason, Kimmel doesn’t anticipate that hearing speeches from George H.W. Bush, Al Gore, and John McCain will actually help. But it does give the comedian another chance to demonstrate just how abnormal President Trump’s behavior continues to be even as the curtain begins to close on his presidency.

Jimmy Kimmel gives a round of applause to those pranking Team Trump’s hotline

Jimmy Kimmel had even more advice for Team Trump. President Trump’s allies big plan to uncover voter fraud was to set up a hotline. It’s not something Kimmel would have recommended because late night’s king of pranks knew exactly what would happen.

Young people on social media started calling in and leaving absurd messages and messing with officials on the other end of the line. It was a predictable outcome, especially since TikTok users have already pranked the Trump 2020 campaign.

But then again, Kimmel didn’t expect the same brain trust that booked Four Seasons Total Landscaping to know that a hotline would be overrun with pranks. The late night host sees the entire debacle as a fitting end to an administration that has been a circus since the start.

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