Celebrate April Fools’ Day with Jimmy Kimmel’s five best pranks

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Enjoy April Fools’ Day safely this year by reliving Jimmy Kimmel’s best pranks.

It may be April 1 on the calendar but much of the world isn’t in the mood for pulling pranks and gags on each other. It is an uncertain time and the idea of tricking people or spreading false information just isn’t all that appealing. April Fools’ Day has been effectively canceled for 2020. So that’s why it’s the best time to look back at some of Jimmy Kimmel’s finest work.

Nobody in late night, or anywhere for that matter, is as synonymous with pranks as Jimmy Kimmel. It has reached the point where anything strange that goes viral begs the question “is this a Jimmy Kimmel prank?.” And chances are, that’s exactly the way Kimmel likes it. It doesn’t matter if it is April Fools’ Day, Christmas, or just any random day of the year.

No one is off-limits as a target of a Kimmel prank. Family members, the audience, Jimmy Kimmel Live! staff members and kids are all fair game. If Kimmel is willing to encourage telling kids that their Halloween candy is gone, then nobody is safe.

So rather than pull an April Fools’ Day prank on someone else or fall victim to one, why not enjoy the best from Jimmy Kimmel? Here are five of the late night host’s best pranks.