Stephen Colbert responds to Trump watching The Late Show (again)

Stephen Colbert (Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images) /

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was on at the White House

Stephen Colbert appreciates his fans. He knows they are the reason The Late Show is on top of the late night television world. So from time to time, Colbert makes a point to thank those watching at home…even when that home is the White House.

President Donald Trump has never been shy about sharing his thoughts on what he sees on television. This is especially true when it comes to late night shows. The president has tweeted or commented about Saturday Night LiveJimmy Kimmel Live!The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and more.

And while these tweets and comments are never positive, they do prove one thing: President Trump is watching. So even as comedians like Colbert relentlessly mock and ridicule President Trump, they have proof that he’s at the White House watching just like you and me.

The latest example came during President Trump’s “person, woman, man, camera, TV” interview with Fox News. Colbert had his fun with the president’s cognitive test brags in his monologue and then turned his attention to his most famous fan:

President Trump has made it clear he watches Stephen Colbert before

It didn’t take much detective work from Stephen Colbert to conclude that President Trump was talking about him. James Corden has been on an extended break, Jimmy Kimmel is on a summer vacation, Jimmy Fallon is at 30 Rock looking well-rested, and hosts like Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, and Conan O’Brien rarely land on President Trump’s radar.

Colbert is just happy to have another viewer helping out The Late Show and CBS. It just sounds like the president isn’t a fan of Colbert’s shaggy look, however. Maybe if the White House can get the pandemic under control, Colbert can get back to the studio looking better than ever, and stop wilting away as the president sees it.

This is not the first time President Trump admitted to watching The Late Show with Stephen ColbertBack in May, the president mentioned that he watched Colbert’s interview with Senator Chuck Schumer. Colbert wasn’t exactly surprised considering Donald Trump is the star of his monologues and the president loves to hear his own name.

One could make the argument that President Trump is the right to watch as much cable news as he does. It’s not an easy argument to defend but it can be done. Watching late night television? That one is a little harder to defend. But we can’t blame him–Stephen Colbert is just that entertaining.

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