Stephen Colbert responds to Trump watching The Late Show

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Stephen Colbert had a special message for President Donald Trump, an avid viewer of The Late Show.

President Donald Trump’s television habits are well-documented. He rarely misses an episode of his favorite show like any other die-hard fan. And in a recent interview, he revealed that he’s been tuning in toThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Typically it is Fox and Friends or Hannity that gets the presidential seal of approval when it comes to television. The president often tweets direct quotes from these shows or uses the talking points in his own speeches and Twitter rants.

He is much less friendly towards late night television. He has ranted against Saturday Night Live (even during reruns) and has had some choice words for hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert.

But Colbert recently found out that President Trump was among those who watched the Late Show interview with New York Senator Chuck Schumer. President Trump called the CBS late night show “stupid,” prompting a direct response from its host:

Colbert isn’t exaggerating when he says that Donald Trump is the star of his monologues. Night after night, The Late Show mocks, ridicules, and insults just about everything the president does. And to answer President Trump’s question, doing that is exactly how guys like Colbert make their money…and business is booming.

Digging up a clip of Johnny Carson using Donald Trump as a punchline back in 1992 is another nice touch by The Late Show. No president should expect themself to be off-limits to a late night host, whether it is Johnny Carson, Stephen Colbert, or Lily Singh.

Not surprisingly, Senator Schumer is on Colbert’s side. He too was happy to see President Trump tuned in to the interview and suggested that the president could learn from The Late Show.

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Could this reignite another back-and-forth between President Trump and Stephen Colbert? It is possible given the president’s sensitivity to insults. He has also demonstrated that he can be distracted even during a pandemic and economic crisis. Stay tuned.