Will Ferrell is surviving quarantine with bootleg DVDs

Will Ferrell told Conan O’Brien his must-have items for quarantine

Lockdowns and quarantines have been going on for months and months at this point. By now, everyone is used to the new normal and has figured how to make it through quarantine and what they need to keep busy. Will Ferrell shared his odd survival items with Conan O’Brien on Monday night.

Ferrell was the first guest on Conan from Largo at the Coronet Theater in New York City. It was O’Brien’s first late night show on a stage since quarantine began and production of his TBS show shifted to his house. The new location provides some excitement for Conan and also helps out a theater that had been struggling during the pandemic.

To kick off the week, O’Brien invited his old friend Will Ferrell to be the first guest. Ferrell is in consideration as O’Brien’s best guest during his late night career so it was only right that the Saturday Night Live legend was on hand for a major Conan moment.

The Zoom interview covered the same topic everyone has over the past four months: surviving quarantine during the pandemic. Things started off with some hair talk before Ferrell shared his tips on staying entertained while staying inside:

Will Ferrell’s quarantine is going as oddly as fans would expect

Few people in the entertainment industry can go hair-to-hair with Conan O’Brien. But Will Ferrell is applying some serious competition with his quarantine luck. Thankfully for O’Brien, Ferrell did not pull a Lizzy Caplan and suggest that they try to pull off a haircut through the video call.

Perhaps surprisingly, fans have really enjoyed late night television’s interviews through Zoom. It gives a look inside the homes of big name stars and allows for show-and-tell segments that otherwise wouldn’t happen.

Ferrell took it upon himself to show O’Brien his collection of DVDs at his home office. Network and A Face in the Crowd are on Ferrell’s queue and he plans to enjoy them the old-fashioned way. While everyone else is endlessly scrolling through streaming services like HBO Max and Peacock, Ferrell is firing up the DVD player and enjoying decades-old movies.

Ferrell’s setup has to be more or less just what fans would expect. Anyone who thought the comedian would be talking from a state-of-the art office and entertainment center couldn’t be more off.

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How are you staying entertained during the lockdown? Streaming movies or popping in DVDs like Will Ferrell? Let us know in the comment section.

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