Conan O’Brien is bringing his show back to a stage

After months of working from home, a change of scenery is coming for Conan O’Brien

Like most of the work, ate night television has spent the past few months working from home. The novel coronavirus pandemic has limited movements outside the house and made producing a television show from a studio impossible. But that is about to change for Conan O’Brien.

Conan has been filmed from O’Brien’s home using an iPhone and Zoom since March. While O’Brien and his fellow late night hosts had to adjust to the new normal, fans actually enjoyed the change of pace. It opened up plenty of new opportunities for content and comedians like O’Brien thrived.

But now Conan is moving again and this time it is back to a stage. The TBS show won’t be returning to its normal home on the Warner Bros. lot. Instead, Conan will tape from Largo at the Coronet in West Hollywood, California.

In addition to giving the show a shot in the arm, Conan will also be helping out the historic theater that has struggled during the lockdown. In a press release, O’Brien noted that this will be something of a homecoming for him:

 I got started doing improv at the Coronet in 1986 and I’m glad we’ve figured out a way to safely keep that theater going during this lockdown.

Conan O’Brien’s return to a stage will still look a little different

The situation in California isn’t exactly ideal for large gatherings right now. The state, like many others in the country, is still struggling to contain COVID-19 and manage spikes in confirmed cases.

So with that in mind, fans shouldn’t expect Conan to be back to normal at Largo. The crew will be pulled back to a minimum with many continuing to work from home. Celebrity interviews will continue to be held via Zoom, something O’Brien has become very good at pulling off.

Helping out the theater is another example of how late night shows across the board have stepped up during this public health crisis. Whether it has been through raising awareness, hosting charity events, or raising funds for worthy causes, Conan O’Brien and his fellow late night hosts have been nothing but selfless and inspirational.

Conan from the Largo starts on July 6 and airs on TBS at 11:00 PM ET. Be sure to check in with Last Night On for all the highlights.