Jimmy Kimmel reads President Trump’s birthday cards from admirers

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Global Citizen )
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Global Citizen ) /

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated President Trump’s 74th birthday in his own way

President Donald Trump recently celebrated his 74th birthday. And while many people spent the day continuing the criticize him, Jimmy Kimmel decided to put the spotlight on those that did wish the Commander-in-Chief a happy 74th.

President Trump made sure to remind the nation that his birthday was June 14 during his address at West Point. The speech will ultimately be remembered not for the inspiring words delivered to the graduating class but instead for the president’s awkward sip of water and frail walk.

Things were made even worse for President Trump when a movement on social media decided to declare his birthday “Obama Day.” Countless tweets, videos, and pictures were shared honoring the 44th president and stealing attention from the birthday boy.

Still, there were plenty of people looking to celebrate President Trump’s 74th birthday. Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue highlighted some of the special messages the president received from those closest to him:

Jimmy Kimmel took aim at just about everyone on Team Trump

For someone who loves the spotlight as much as he does, President Trump was likely annoyed that he was overshadowed on June 14. Protests continued around the country, quarantine measures are still in effect, and most of the country was questioning his health.

It means that Team Trump really had to come through to make the president feel special. And while we’ll never know what they really said to the president, Jimmy Kimmel probably isn’t too far off with these birthday messages.

The president’s recently controversies and gaffes have made it easy to forget about the rest of his inner circle. But Kimmel has a long history of reminding his audience that Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner are just as deserving as the president when it comes to ridicule.

Vice President Mike Pence has certainly found his name in more and more of Kimmel’s monologues. The ABC comedian routinely compares the vice president to a dog for his unwavering devotion to the president and willingness to praise him at every opportunity. Kimmel’s fictional card from Vice President Pence may be the only example that didn’t go far enough.

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