Stephen Colbert: Trump’s bone spurs behind frail walk at West Point

President Donald Trump (Photo by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert reacted to President Donald Trump struggling to walk down a ramp

The entire world hangs on every word President Donald Trump says. That is certainly true about The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. But it was what President Trump did, not said, over the weekend that caught the late night show’s attention.

President Trump delivered a commencement address to the West Point class of 2020 on Saturday. It also served as a primer as the president prepares to roll out another string of MAGA rallies, the first since the novel coronavirus pandemic shut down everything.

Normally it would be the low energy with which President Trump read the teleprompter or the crowd’s subdued response that would be late night monologue material. But the president changed all that by first using an unusual technique to sip water and them appearing to struggle to walk off stage via a ramp.

The behavior contradicted the president’s message of strength and led many to question if he was healthy enough to lead the country. Stephen Colbert weighed in with his own thoughts during Monday’s Late Show monologue.

Stephen Colbert reminded his audience of President Trump’s own military history

Stephen Colbert surely would have had something to say even if President Trump’s health wasn’t the biggest story coming out of the speech. President Trump infamously received a bone spurs diagnosis which disqualified him from service after also obtaining multiple draft deferments. Many have labeled the president a “draft dodger” so Colbert would likely have made that the focal point of his coverage.

Instead, the president’s struggles with a glass of water and a ramp are more than enough for Colbert. He reminds his audience that President Trump has refused to wear a mask during the pandemic so as to not look weak. So if that is “weak,” Colbert wants to know what you would call President Trump’s two-handed sip and unsteady walk.

Colbert decides that the only logical explanation is that Donald Trump’s bone spurs act up anytime he is near the military. And for anyone criticizing a comedian for making fun of the way a senior citizen walks, Colbert points to President Trump’s own Twitter feed keeping the conversation going. So don’t be surprised if this monologue isn’t the end of things for The Late Show.

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