Kimmel responds to ‘idiot’ Donald Trump Jr.’s Weinstein tweets

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Donald Trump Jr. tried to blast Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter for not covering the Weinstein scandal, and Kimmel has explained how dumb these tweets really are.

Nice try, Donald Trump the second… but your plan to take down Jimmy Kimmel just backfired!

Last Thursday on Oct. 5, the major Harvey Weinstein scandal rocked headlines everywhere. There wasn’t anyone anywhere that wasn’t aware of the story. And yet, late night comedians like found themselves being torn apart online by their conservative critics for supposedly “waiting” until after the weekend to make jokes about Weinstein. The idea is that they are trying to somehow bury the story as part of the one-sided, liberal, “fake news” that the POTUS and his supporters accuse them of being.

Donald Trump, Jr. was one of the most publicly vocal critics of the late night funnymen, specifically going after Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter. Junior mocked Kimmel for not covering the situation yet, and then said if Kimmel’s monologues would take them on, it’d be something “different”. This prompted Kimmel to say this in response when asked about the tweets on Good Morning America:

"“He’s an idiot, let’s just start with that. This is an imbecile whose job seems to be tweeting, as far as I can tell. With that said, I do admire that he’s very loyal to his father.”"

Kimmel adds that the reason he didn’t address the situation until after the weekend was because he didn’t have a chance to, given the timing of when the story broke:

"“I mean, Harvey Weinstein is not a friend of mine. I’m not in the movie business. And I’ll add that that story came out, I think, moments before we went to tape on Thursday, and we didn’t have a show on Friday.”"

Seems simple enough, but something tells me ol’ Trump Jr. will still have a hard time understanding.

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