Bill Maher: Will Republicans ever speak up about Trump’s behavior?

Bill Maher wonders if Republicans will ever acknowledge the president’s mistakes

Everything from President Donald Trump’s policies to his tweets has been called out by political opponents, pundits, and just about anyone else who has been paying attention. One group that has been especially quiet, however, is Republicans. During his “New Rule” segment on Friday night, Bill Maher wondered if that will ever change.

Last week Maher applauded breaks in the “blue wall of silence” over police brutality. He thanked those in law enforcement willing to speak out against violent and corrupt behavior they saw in the line of duty.

Now the Real Time host is turning his attention towards the “red wall of silence.” The Republican Party has been all-in on President Trump for years now and that hasn’t changed heading into the Nov. election. But the president’s actions and words are becoming harder to defend, leaving many GOP members to remain silent rather than speak out.

It seems highly unlikely at this point but Maher is willing to hold out hope. Watch as he challenges Republicans in this week’s “New Rule.”

Bill Maher asks if Republicans have drawn a line in the sand

Rumors and rumblings about Donald Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin weren’t enough for Republicans to break ranks. Using tear gas on peaceful protestors to stage a photo-op wasn’t enough for Republicans to criticize President Trump. These two instances make it hard for Maher to believe anything will change.

That is unless Republicans have had private conversations among themselves about a line President Trump’s can’t cross. The analogy Maher uses is very fitting for Real Time‘s sense of humor but the point still stands: is there anything President Trump can do that would make GOP members speak up?

But when Maher actually traces the behavior of Donald Trump from the campaign trail to the White House, it is hard to imagine the “safe word” conversation has taken place. If Maher is wrong, then he’s challenging Republicans to prove it sooner than later for the sake of America’s democracy.

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