Seth Meyers says Republicans completed their cover-up by acquitting Trump

Seth Meyers (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for AMC)
Seth Meyers (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for AMC) /

In A Closer Look, Late Night with Seth Meyers reacted to the acquittal of President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial.

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump came to an end on Wednesday. The outcome was what many anticipated as President Trump was acquitted. Still, Seth Meyers was disappointed after what he called a poor week for American democracy.

The final vote on impeachment went as expected with the exception of Republican Senator Mitt Romney voting to convict. With Republicans controlling the Senate, it was a long shot to get enough votes to turn the tide against President Trump no matter how damning the evidence seemed.

Before the impeachment articles were written Seth Meyers saw this result coming. The Late Night host has been relentless in his criticism of the Republican Party under Donald Trump’s leadership. Meyers has not hesitated suggest the GOP is guilty of covering up crimes and unethical behavior while betraying their duties in Congress.

So coming off the heels of the acquittal announcement, Meyers used “A Closer Look” to once again go after the Republican Party. For Meyers, the end of the impeachment trial completes a cover-up by the GOP years in the making.

Seth Meyers started making his case for why it wasn’t a banner week for democracy by recapping the Iowa caucus debacle. The process provided more questions than answers all while providing a healthy amount of content to be mocked on social media and late night television shows. Meyers asks what many people also wanted to know: why not just use a popular vote to declare the winner?

The situation in Iowa pales in comparison to what was happening in Washington, D.C. Meyers recapped President Trump’s State of the Union address, arguing that it was a campaign rally for a president and party that represents the minority of Americans.

Meyers draws a line between the behavior of Republicans at the State of the Union to the vote to acquit President Trump in his impeachment trial. Only Senator Mitt Romney is safe from getting blasted by “A Closer Look.” Meyers does not hold back in saying Republicans have divorced themselves from the conscience.

“A Closer Look” ends with Meyers calling the current situation a crisis of democracy. The segment is another example of Meyers shifting more of the blame onto Republicans and predicting that history will not treat them kindly for enabling Donald Trump.

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Seth Meyers isn’t buying the excuse that Donald Trump has learned his lesson by becoming just the third president to be impeached. This means it’s possible President Trump will once again test the limits of his power and in turn test the loyalty of Republicans. It’s not something Meyers is looking forward to but he and Late Night will continue to look at closely.