Jimmy Kimmel is enjoying Trump getting bashed for Bible photo-op

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel recapped how poorly President Donald Trump’s photo-op has been received.

The consensus is that President Donald Trump’s attempt to show strength by posing with a Bible outside St. John’s Church backfired. The president was criticized and mocked for the photo-op–something Jimmy Kimmel is enjoying very much.

Late night hosts quickly joined the chorus of those ridiculing and condemning President Trump for the stunt. Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert were among those who called out the president and the rest of the White House for forcibly removing protestors from the area to set up the photoshoot.

The hits kept coming for Team Trump especially after it the motivation behind the incident was reported. President Trump was allegedly upset with reports that he was relocated to a bunker during protests near the White House. His walk to St. John’s was an attempt to change the narrative but only resulted in more criticism.

Unsurprisingly, Jimmy Kimmel is enjoying how the photo-op was an immediate failure. His monologue on Wednesday covered it all and had some fun with efforts to spin the story once more:

Jimmy Kimmel won’t call it anything other than a photo-op

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany compared President Trump’s appearance at St. John’s to Winston Churchill surveying the damage in London during World War II. But Kimmel wasn’t buying the idea that the president was demonstrating an inspiring moment of resilience.

It didn’t help that the White House couldn’t get its own story straight on whether or not it was just a photoshoot. So Kimmel’s monologue reviews the facts that Trump:

  • stood in front of the church
  • never went inside the church
  • never spoke to anyone from the church
  • did not survey any damage to the church
  • didn’t read from the Bible
  • didn’t give a speech
  • posed for photos

Kimmel makes a solid argument for what most people already believe in regards to the photo-op. But President Trump still maintains that people liked his walk to the church so around and around we go.

Seeing the White House get embarrassed and hearing President Trump try to talk and tweet his way out of it is amusing for Kimmel. It is one of the few moments over the past couple of weeks that have been able to do that. The rest of Kimmel’s monologue proves that he still believes there are serious problems with the leadership that “would actually be funny if it wasn’t at all.”

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