Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s alternate version of Trump’s press conference video

President Donald Trump (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) /

President Donald Trump’s press conference video received a new edit from Jimmy Kimmel.

Nobody in late night television cuts together a video for politicians like Jimmy Kimmel Live! does. President Donald Trump was the latest to get such treatment after his unorthodox decision to show a video during his press briefing.

Jimmy Kimmel described President Trump as a “lazy substitute teacher” in response to the dimmed lights and movie time. The comedian even went so far as to say that President Trump made history with the move.

The video was designed to highlight how members of the media and some Democrats downplayed COVID-19 while President Trump took decisive action. Critics suggested it was another attempt by the president to rewrite history.

For Jimmy Kimmel, it was the perfect format to once again mock the president. The video ultimately backfired on the White House and Kimmel’s version is one example of how:

It took some viewers a moment or two to realize that Kimmel’s version was not the one shown at President Trump’s press briefing. That isn’t a good sign for the White House. Then again, the actual video was called much worse, like a propaganda video, while others pointed out it was taken from an episode of Hannity.

For Kimmel and his writers, it was another chance to pull one of their favorite gags. Whether it is Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Jr., or someone else, the ABC late night show loves editing together parody campaign videos.

The video was just one part of a bizarre press conference that had everyone in late night lining up jokes. President Trump’s effort to use the media’s words against them appeared to be more proof that he can dish it out but can’t take it. And nobody dishes it out against the president quite like Jimmy Kimmel.

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