Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Garner encourage #stayhome life

Jimmy Fallon (Photo by: Jesse Grant/NBC)
Jimmy Fallon (Photo by: Jesse Grant/NBC) /

Jimmy Fallon produced another episode of The Tonight Show from home with an assist from Jennifer Garner.

Life in the time of social distancing and self-isolation means that people are doing their best to stay busy. For Jimmy Fallon, this has meant producing episodes of The Tonight Show while also raising money for charities.

Fallon and the Tonight Show writers and staff have been doing their best to offer a sense of normalcy. Late night television shows are a major part of the routine for millions of fans around the world. The novel coronavirus outbreak has made creating these shows difficult but not impossible.

We have seen the evolution of these makeshift, at-home shows over the past week or so. It started with social media posts, moved on to viral videos, grew to monologues, and now has developed into full-blown episodes airing on television.

Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show wasn’t all that different from what fans would see on NBC. Fallon opened with a monologue, shared his favorite hashtags from the people, and chatted with actress Jennifer Garner. You can watch the whole show right here:

It was a natural step for Jimmy Fallon to bust out the soundboard for this monologue. The last couple of shows featured his daughters as the audience and they didn’t quite have the attention span to appreciate Fallon’s jokes.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has always relied on the viewers for content help. It is the most interactive show in late night and has some of the most dedicated fans anywhere in entertainment. That was proven once again when #MyQuarantineLifeInSixWords was trending and even the at-home edition of the show was able to connect with fans.

Fallon’s interview with Jennifer Garner highlights Save the Children, a children’s charity dedicated to feeding, educating, and providing services to children worldwide. Garner has spearheaded Save with Stories. The initiative features celebrities like Garner, Fallon, and Amy Adams reading children’s books on social media to help fill the void caused by school closings.

Fallon and Garner are all-in on the #StayHome movement. It sounds like a much better rebranding of #QuarantineLife. You also couldn’t find two more positive people to encourage making the most of staying at home than Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Garner.

Garner also serves as the musical guest thanks to her saxophone skills. The episode wraps up with Fallon taking on the always challenging task of assembling a tent. Again, there is only so much Fallon can do from home to entertain his fans and he deserves a lot of credit for putting together this show. The charity angle only makes his efforts that much more impressive and appreciated by his fans around the world.

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The Tonight Show originally planned to restart filming on March 30. We’ll have to wait and see if that is still the plan as the world navigates this epidemic. Regardless, Jimmy Fallon will continue to do what he can to keep people smiling and fans are extremely grateful.