Jimmy Kimmel rips Trump’s leadership and spring breakers in home monologue

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Chris Cornell Estate)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Chris Cornell Estate) /

Jimmy Kimmel was joined by Julia Louis-Dreyfus in another monologue from home.

Day after day, the White House has been providing updates and answering questions about the novel coronavirus epidemic. It has opened up President Donald Trump to even more criticism, especially from late night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel, like other late night comedians, has been releasing monologues from home all week. Just like Jimmy Fallon, Kimmel has been spotlighting a different charity each night while doing his part to add humor to quarantine life.

Thursday night’s “minilogue” was in support of Feeding America and was about as close to a normal episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! as possible. There were sponsors, a celebrity guest, and plenty of jokes at President Trump’s expense.

Kimmel isn’t exactly confident that President Trump is the person who can lead the country through this crisis. The praise he earned for changing his tone on the novel coronavirus seems to already be wiped out by calling it the “Chinese Virus.”

President Trump’s latest handiwork with a Sharpie really sets off Kimmel. Yes, the comedian has been calling for impeachment and resignation in the past. But here he sounds genuinely annoyed, angry, and frustrated with President Trump’s leadership.

Kimmel is just as harsh on young people who aren’t taking things seriously either. Millennials and Florida are two of Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s favorite targets when things are normal. Hearing that spring breakers are still going to beaches and bars only infuriates Kimmel more.

In Kimmel’s interview with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, it is clear that the actress is taking things a little more seriously than Guillermo. Kimmel’s sidekick admitted that he has been making daily trips to 7-11 which earned the disapproval of the host.

The chat with Louis-Dreyfus ended things on a more positive note. Fans got a PSA on washing away fingerprints and a link to a bread recipe. Be sure to let Jimmy Kimmel know if you make that focaccia bread for #FormalFriday.

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In a perfect world, we would be getting full episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the rest of late night. But in these imperfect circumstances, Kimmel is still doing his best to provide comic relief and aid to all who need it. It is something his fans won’t forget and absolutely appreciate. For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.