Conan O’Brien is the coronavirus crisis leader we need

Conan O’Brien shared helpful tips on how to combat novel coronavirus at the Team Coco offices.

As the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to dominate headlines, much has been made about the lack of leadership during the crisis. Those concerns can be put to rest now thanks to the voice of the people deciding to speak up. Conan O’Brien is the leader we need.

Late night fans have spent the past two weeks hearing all about the incompetence coming from the White House. Shows like Late Night with Seth MeyersJimmy Kimmel Live!, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert have been very critical of how things have been handled up to this point.

Rather than sit idly by, Conan O’Brien decided to spring into action. While everyone is claiming to be an expert on novel coronavirus and how to contain it, O’Brien was willing to get on the frontlines and offer practical tips on staying healthy.

Unfortunately for employees in the Team Coco offices, O’Brien’s mission to educate the public only increased the danger for them. But it is clear that O’Brien’s leadership style puts the greater good above all else. See for yourself:

Whether it is tracking down a missing coffee mug or identifying essential employees, you can’t argue that Conan O’Brien brings a solutions-driven approach to running an office. A global health crisis is no different.

Behind-the-scenes remotes have become some of Conan‘s most popular clips. This is due in large part to appearances by people like Sona Movsesian, Jordan Schlansky, and Matt Kramer. Here O’Brien is clearly doing his fans a service by protecting disease and ensuring they can be used in comedy bits for years to come.

This clip is also what some fans thought they’d be getting with Meet the CONAN Staff, Team Coco’s recently launched web series. But rather than a reality series, it is a scripted series that is far more ridiculous  but no less entertaining. There seems to be a multi-verse situation going on at Team Coco with O’Brien’s absurdity at the center of it all.

It’s good to see people like Conan O’Brien taking a proactive approach to containing the virus and even doing so through the power of music. For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.