Seth Meyers: Trump’s coronavirus lies won’t stop

Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC)
Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC) /

In A Closer Look, Seth Meyers accused President Donald Trump of continuing to lie about the coronavirus.

Any hope that the coronavirus outbreak would be the one story that didn’t pit President Donald Trump vs. the media has gone out the window. As President Trump continues to downplay concern, Seth Meyers continues to accuse the president of lying.

President Trump is partly responsible for politicizing the coronavirus. He has argued that Democrats and liberal media outlets have exaggerated risks associated with the virus in an effort to undermine his administration.

These claims caught the attention of Late Night with Seth Meyers . In another edition of “A Closer Look,” Meyers pushed back against President Trump and criticized the administration as incompetent and ill-equipped to handle the situation.

So when President Trump was once again in front of a microphone discussing the coronavirus, Meyers once again had to respond. In Thursday night’s “A Closer Look” the Late Night host called out what he saw as lies coming from the president.

Seth Meyers has never had much confidence in the current administration no matter what the situation. But it appears as if the comedian figured that public health crisis would be the one instance in which Team Trump got its act together, relied on experts, and urged caution.

Instead, Meyers argues that it is undeniable that President Trump has undermined public health. For a noted germaphobe, President Trump would be expected to be a little more alarmed about the coronoavirus outbreak. He may be acting that way in private but his public appearances have suggested the opposite. And that is where the danger lies according to Meyers.

Late Night goes on to say that President Trump’s love of fast food could provide some inspiration on how to test for coronavirus. South Korea has streamlined the testing process with a drive-thru. Maybe that is just the buzz word needed to capture President Trump’s attention?

Between the jokes, Meyers levels a serious condemnation on President Trump. Meyers appears on to President Trump’s plan to avoid blame by promoting the idea that the coronavirus will miraculously disappear. Meyers’s evidence includes President Trump blaming the Obama administration, obsessing over the stock market, and spreading disinformation on Hannity.

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Seth Meyers sees the coronavirus outbreak as a test of the administration’s competency and honesty. It is a test that President Trump has failed at spectacularly if you believe the message of “A Closer Look.” Hunches and hoping for miracles can only do so much, it seems.