Seth Meyers pushes back as Trump calls coronavirus criticism a hoax

Seth Meyer (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Time Inc)
Seth Meyer (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Time Inc) /

In A Closer Look, Seth Meyers responded to President Donald Trump dismissing criticism of his coronavirus response.

President Donald Trump has added another item to his long list of fake news stories, witch hunts, and hoaxes. This time, it is the criticism of the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. And like everything else on that list, Late Night with Seth Meyers had a response in “A Closer Look.”

It did not take long for the coronavirus story to become a political one. The Trump administration accused Democrats and news networks of incorrectly covering the disease in an attempt to sabotage the president. Critics of the administration, including Seth Meyers, were not pleased with the government’s handling of the issue or its focus on the stock market impact.

President Trump took things one step further over the weekend when he used “hoax” to describe criticism of his government’s plan. According to Meyers, this did little to calm down the country or reassure Americans that any national health emergency would be handled appropriately.

And that was just the start of Meyers’s response to President Trump. Monday night’s “A Closer Look” gave the Late Night host the chance to once again push back against hoax and fake news claims coming from the White House.

President Trump didn’t exactly instill confidence in Seth Meyers. The Late Night host isn’t buying the idea that President Trump has discussed coronavirus with leading experts only to come out the other side saying that it will “go away” and it will be “a miracle.”

As Meyers sees it, the president felt his time was better spent meeting with actors from a conservative play on the so-called “deep state.” Yes, President Trump is a very busy man who can (and should) address multiple issues at once. But talking with actors about a politically charged play during a global health scare doesn’t send the best message about the White House’s priorities.

The reason President Trump doesn’t seem so concerned about the coronavirus is because April is right around the corner. With the new month will come warmer weather and in no time, the disease will be gone.

That plan, seemingly based on wishful thinking, is what Meyers mocks for ten minutes in “A Closer Look.” It is yet another example that Meyers uses to point to what he sees as President Trump’s incompetency.

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If nothing else, maybe President Donald Trump has made Seth Meyers believe that miracles are possible after all. It’s just that Meyers is wishing for a miracle where the Trump administration just disappears.