Jimmy Kimmel compares Trump’s lies to pancakes, Big Macs and more

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel Live! tried to put President Donald Trump’s 16,000 lies into perspective.

On Monday, President Donald Trump took time to commemorate the three year anniversary of his inauguration. To help honor the occasion, Jimmy Kimmel acknowledged another major milestone of the Trump presidency: breaking the 16,000 lie mark.

According to Washington Post report, President Trump has made 16,241 false or misleading claims since taking office. It is yet another example of President Trump making history in the White House…just not the type of history he was hoping for or believes.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has become something of a Trump accountant. The ABC late night show has counted and tallied all sorts of things since President Trump stepped into office. Jimmy Kimmel has counted Trump’s Tweets, everyone the president claims he doesn’t know, and now his his “false and misleading claims.”

So to help people better comprehend just how many lies 16,241 are, Kimmel used some visual aids. Watch as Kimmel shows audiences what all those lies and falsehoods would look like as pancakes, cheeseburgers and more:

Maybe Kimmel’s demonstration was more for President Trump’s benefit than anyone else’s. He uses the height of the Empire State Building, knowing that Donald Trump cares a lot about New York’s tallest buildings. He uses Big Macs, knowing that Donald Trump loves McDonalds and “hamberders.” And maybe he uses the Titanic to symbolize the sinking ship that is the Trump White House on the eve of his impeachment trial.

The impeachment trial is another one of President Trump’s history making moments. Like the rest of the country, late night shows are gearing up to cover the trial. President Trump’s reactions, whether on Twitter or on camera, will no doubt find their way into monologues on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the other shows.

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It also means there is the possibility for more “false and misleading” claims. So by the end of the week, Kimmel may have to add a few more pancakes to the stack or order a few more Big Macs to bring the count up to date.